Of Folcred and Fastred by Grimbold

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Of olden days I will tell

Of Folcred and Fastred twins and princes of Rohan

Fair of face dour handed and strong of limb

Gracious in court and hardy in battle

Kind in rule and strong in justice

Beloved by all and cherished

No greater love had they than to serve their folk

To govern and to lead

To charm the fair maidens

To test their limbs in feats of strength

And to live in peace hard won by their forefathers

Yet away from home they were called

Sent far from the fields of their fair land

Away from the hall of Meduseld

In Gondor’s defence did they ride

Southward to fair Ithilien in days of war

Against men of Harad dark and grim

For out of the south had come a horde

Out of the south came troubles too many

Too many for Gondor alone

Hordes of sun dark men with great beasts

Northward these went in want of blood

Across the plains of Harandor the enemy came

No force could stop them and across the river Poros they assailed

Turin the Steward of Gondor fair called in Rohan for aid

Oh Folcwine my friend and ally I call for thine aid

Be quick O’ friend my realm is endangered

Without a thought of ignoring the call Folcwine sent his host

With sons Folcred and Fastred the twins of Rohan as captains

A host mighty and grand with high banners and prancing hooves

Southward O’ Folcred

Southward to Poros O’ Fastred

Twins of Rohan onward to victry

Past the White City beyond the ruin Osgiliath

Through the eaves of Ithilien into war

Host of Rohan and Gondor mixed against all who opposed

Southward ever southward to Poros

Battles below the trees and battles upon the fields

Southward the Twins did go and all fell before them

War seemed their natural delight

Battle their servant

Drive them to the Poros

The Poros now before them the enemy across it

With an army strong and battle hard behind allies at their side

Folcred and Fastred onward and southward

Enemies came and in they battle engaged

Riders charged and the Haradrim defeated

Blood soaked grounds

Blood tinted water

Blood stained swords

Folcred and Fastred victorious

The battle won the enemy destroyed

Yet where have the twins gone

Are they not among the captains

Taking their victory with joy

Nay, then whither have they gone

To espy a broken foe

To cleanse their bloody hands

Nay nay

Elsewhere they be among the wounded

Thus the fear but nay nay

The fear be wrong for they are dead

Fair faces and strong limbs broken in youth

Dead upon the river bank where they made their stand

O’ that some other might have died in their place

Fie upon he that struck the mortal blow

For he rid the earth of that which was most good

The princes of Rohan the royalty of the north

Into grave of cloven stone and good earth

Flowered grave and fair marking stone

So that all may know and remember the names

Folcred and Fastred and the Battle of Poros

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