Winged Voices: Birds of Middle-earth by Himring

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Story Notes:

Ratings: content: PG but some of the implications probably PG13.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Celeborn and Galadriel: a conversation about the present that resonates with the past

"...sailing proudly down the stream toward them, they saw a swan of great size...and suddenly they perceived it was a ship..."
(Farewell to Lorien, FotR)

‘In the shape of a swan?’ asked Celeborn.
He had not kept the doubt out of his voice, he saw. His wife’s chin went up.
‘You consider it inappropriate?’ she asked dangerously. ‘Am I not the daughter of Earwen?’
‘None would deny you the right!  I merely wonder at the wish. Do the memories not pain you still?’
‘It was not my own idea,’ Galadriel confessed. ‘It is the ship of Cirnur’s dreams—and I am Teler enough to dream swans with him, Noldo enough to encourage a brilliant young craftsman. Also, he admires me…’
She smiled crookedly at Celeborn.

Chapter End Notes:

Galadriel's mother Earwen was also called the Swan Maiden of Alqualonde.
As for the Kinslaying of Alqualonde, whichever version of Galadriel's story you follow, as her Noldorin and Telerin relatives fought and killed each other there in a struggle over the Telerin swan ships, which were subsequently destroyed, swan ships cannot have had entirely happy associations for her.
"Cirnur" is supposed to be a Sindarized form of Quenya Ciryandur "ship servant" (because that was the best I could do for a name).

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