Winged Voices: Birds of Middle-earth by Himring

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Drabble sequence written for a sequence of bird prompts at Tolkien Weekly on LiveJournal: various kinds of cross-overs between the Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings and/or The Hobbit.
The birds get their own say in some, but not all of the drabbles.

1) Swan: Galadriel & Celeborn; 2) Thrush: Celegorm, Caranthir, Bard; 3) Raven: Caranthir, Dain; 4) Nightingale: Arwen, Daeron; 5) Eagle: Landroval, Meneldor

Story Notes:

Ratings: content: PG but some of the implications probably PG13.

Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1: The Ship of Lothlorien by Himring [Reviews - 0] (123 words)

Celeborn and Galadriel: a conversation about the present that resonates with the past

2. Chapter 2: Troubling with Thrush Language by Himring [Reviews - 0] (99 words)

Those ancient, magical thrushes of Dale--they could have had a long history.

First Age: Caranthir, son of Feanor, Celegorm, son of Feanor;
Third Age: Bard the Bowman

3. Chapter 3: Bothering with the Speech of Dwarf and Elf by Himring [Reviews - 0] (95 words)

...and so also could the ravens of Erebor!

Following directly on from the previous drabble.

First Age: Caranthir, Son of Feanor.
Third Age: Dain Ironfoot

4. Chapter 4: To Music of a Voice Unseen by Himring [Reviews - 0] (98 words)

Arwen is like Luthien, we know.
Not only in Aragorn's eyes, but also in the eyes of those who have actually seen Luthien.
Arwen lays a ghost--no, not exactly a ghost...

5. Chapter 5: In Long Swift Lines by Himring [Reviews - 1] (99 words)

The Eagles are coming! Their own point of view on events, from the First Age to the end of the War of the Ring...

Tree and Flower Awards, Other Races or Beings, First Place

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Categories: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion
Characters: Dwarf: Dain, Elf: Caranthir, Elf: Celeborn, Elf: Celegorm, Elf: Daeron, Elf: Galadriel/Artanis, Half-Elven: Arwen Undómiel, Man: Bard of Dale, Other: Landroval
Genres: Drabble or Drabble series, Gapfiller
Places: Lothlórien, Beleriand, Mordor, Other place in Arda
Times: Multi-age
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