Two Ladies of Rohan by Himring

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Story Notes:

A drabble sequence originally written for Legendarium Ladies April (on Tumblr) and the prompts of the Old English Writings challenge at Tolkien Weekly (on LiveJournal).

The sequence begins with two riddles--which is why you will find neither of the two ladies in the character list.

Solutions to the riddles were supplied by Zdenka and are linked to from the chapter notes.

Minor change to titles: on AO3 the sequence is called "Two Rohirrim", with "Two Ladies of Rohan" the title of Chapter I


Tree and Flower Awards, Gapfiller, First Place

Banner made by Ysilme. Photo credit: Ysilme

Author's Chapter Notes:

Guess who these Ladies of Rohan are!

Then check Zdenka's solutions in alliterative verse on AO3.

I am no man—nor shrinking maid, either.
Secret under helmet, I rode southwards,
hearth forsaking, battle-death seeking,
rode the path to ruin and a red morning;
I drained that cup to its darkest dregs,
bitter though they were, I found life at the bottom.
Say, what am I called?

A war was fought over my hand,
yet I am woman—and unnamed.
My suitor became my bitterest foe,
yet no one had asked me.
One brother died at the gates,
the other lost in the snow—
my father went fey,
my grief unrecorded.
My cousin succeeded.
Who am I?

Chapter End Notes:

Some Old English riddles are really riddles and even very obscure, others are more like poems about their subject.

They are often in the first person and end with variations of "Say what am I called?"

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