Two Ladies of Rohan by Himring

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Two ladies of Rohan--generations apart, but both have their losses to deal with.

Story Notes:

A drabble sequence originally written for Legendarium Ladies April (on Tumblr) and the prompts of the Old English Writings challenge at Tolkien Weekly (on LiveJournal).

The sequence begins with two riddles--which is why you will find neither of the two ladies in the character list.

Solutions to the riddles were supplied by Zdenka and are linked to from the chapter notes.

Minor change to titles: on AO3 the sequence is called "Two Rohirrim", with "Two Ladies of Rohan" the title of Chapter I


Tree and Flower Awards, Gapfiller, First Place

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Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1: The Riddles by Himring [Reviews - 0] (98 words)

Guess who these Ladies of Rohan are!

Then check Zdenka's solutions in alliterative verse on AO3.

2. Chapter 2: Lady of Rohan I by Himring [Reviews - 0] (322 words)

True drabbles first posted at Tolkien Weekly for the Old English Writings challenge for the prompts: charm, elegy




3. Chapter 3: Lady of Rohan II by Himring [Reviews - 0] (337 words)

True drabbles written for the Old English Writings challenge at Tolkien Weekly for the prompts: calendar, tale, chronicle

Story Information

Categories: The Lord of the Rings
Characters: As a Group: Rohirrim
Genres: Character study, Drabble or Drabble series, Family, Gapfiller, Poetry
Places: Rohan: Dunharrow, Rohan: Edoras
Times: 3-Third Age: middle, 3-Third Age: late
Warnings: 8. character death
Challenges: None
Series: Rohan
Chapters: 3    |    Word count: 757    |    Read Count: 1585
Completed: Yes    |    Updated: 08/23/14    |    Published: 08/23/14