Drabbles: The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by Zdenka

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Drabbles set during the Third Age of Middle-earth. (100 words as counted by MS Word or AO3.)

Table of Contents

1. Killed With Kindness by Zdenka [Reviews - 0] (104 words)

A notorious future queen advances her plans. (Queen Berúthiel, OCs)

2. Chapter 2 by Zdenka [Reviews - 0] (100 words)

Knowledge is for the Wise. (Saruman)

2015 Tree and Flower Awards

3. Chapter 3 by Zdenka [Reviews - 0] (104 words)

Elrond considers the Sword Reforged.

4. Chapter 4 by Zdenka [Reviews - 0] (100 words)

Éomer's first meeting with Aragorn on the plains of Rohan.

5. Chapter 5 by Zdenka [Reviews - 0] (100 words)

Dernhelm sets out.

6. King and Healer by Zdenka [Reviews - 0] (103 words)

Even the King must sometimes lose a patient. (Aragorn, OCs)

7. Chapter 7 by Zdenka [Reviews - 1] (102 words)

Dís does her part to support her family after the Battle of Azanulbizar.

8. Chapter 8 by Zdenka [Reviews - 1] (101 words)

Aragorn finds new meaning in a book from Elrond's library.

9. Chapter 9 by Zdenka [Reviews - 0] (101 words)

Rosie has a surprising encounter by the stream. (Goldberry/Rosie Cotton)

10. To Weave the Garlands of Repose by Zdenka [Reviews - 0] (104 words)

Lothíriel's love for her garden is returned. (Lothíriel/Yavanna)

11. The Sun in Love by Zdenka [Reviews - 0] (103 words)

Arien is captivated by Arwen's beauty. (one-sided Arien/Arwen)

12. Tarrying Here a While by Zdenka [Reviews - 0] (99 words)

Gildor's hope of victory. (Gildor Inglorion)

Story Information

Categories: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings
Characters: Dwarf: Dís, Elf: Gildor Inglorion, Gondorian: Berúthiel, Gondorian: Lothíriel of Dol Amroth, Half-Elven: Elrond, Hobbit: Gamgee: Rose (Cotton), Northern Dúnedain: Aragorn/Strider, Original Female Character, Original Male Character, Other: Goldberry, Other: Saruman/Cúrunir/Sharkey, Rohirrim: Éomer, Rohirrim: Éowyn
Genres: Drabble or Drabble series, General, Romance-slash
Places: Rivendell/Imladris, Eriador, Gondor: Dol Amroth, Gondor: Minas Tirith/Minas Anor, Rohan: Dunharrow, The Shire
Times: 3-Third Age
Warnings: 4. sexual content implied, 6. adult themes, 8. character death
Challenges: None
Series: Tolkien Drabbles
Chapters: 12    |    Word count: 1221    |    Read Count: 4880
Completed: No    |    Updated: 09/27/16    |    Published: 09/15/14