The Wizard's Gift by Larner

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Written for the LOTR Community's "Celebrate!" challenge.  For Harrowcat with much love for her birthday.  A sequel to "A Wizard's Blessing" in the Between Green Door and Gold Ring collection.

The Wizard’s Gift

            “That ball is old!” observed Pippin-lad.

            Young Ham nodded his agreement.

           Their Sam-dad laughed.  “It is old.  It’s said as old Gandalf give it to the first bairn born alive in Bag End, and him give it to the only one of his cousin’s children as survived his birth, down in Number Five, there on the Row.  Then, hearin’ as my mum was expectin’, hesent it all the way from Buckland with his dad to have it given to me when I was born in April of 1380.  When we was expectin’ Elanor, him and me agreed as it should go to her.  It’s been there for each of you, and now it’s come to our little Tom.  A special gift, originally from old Gandalf hisself.”

            A still colorful woolen ball was set in little Tolman’s cradle, and the infant hugged it gladly.


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