Fourth Age Frolics by Kaylee Arafinwiel

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Story Notes:

In my-verse, both Celebriel, Aragorn/Arwen's firstborn child, and Eldarion, their heir and second child, have grown up to marry spouses from Harad. Karim, Celebriel's husband, was Aragorn and Arwen's foster-son (although at the time, Celebriel was being fostered by Faramir and Eowyn - that's another story, though) so her story is not unlike that of her own father, LOL! Eldarion's marriage to Jalila is dealt with here for the first time. Jalila is based on the Jalila belonging to my friend Susana, but I have not used Susana's backstory for her - Jalila here is the first daughter of the Malik of Harad, which I view (as Larner does) as very similar to Egypt.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Written for the prompt "Snow", this chapter is a drabble-and-a-half. Chapters have gotten generally longer as the stories went on, lol!

Nana!  It’s snowing! Do you want to build a snow elf?” Lasiel shouted, racing into her parents’ room. Celebriel sighed and wished that Karim hadn’t been away on the King’s business – her husband could manage the children much better than she, though she had two hands to his one.


“Lasiel, no dinen,” she chided, “be silent and listen. There is not enough snow for a snow elf. Perhaps later. But Anor has not even put her head above the horizon. It is early for little girls to be chasing their nenith out of bed!”


Lasiel sighed, glaring at the balcony, where the grey light of false dawn was just beginning to show.


“Maybe Anor overslept, Nana,” Lasiel suggested. Celebriel shook her head ruefully.


“I think not, sweetling. She knows when it is time to get up, and Faniel will come and wake you when it is time for breakfast.”

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