Reprieve by Himring

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Story Notes:

Tree and Flower Awards, Númenórean, Second Place 

Banner made by Zdenka.

Even here, among friends, Amandil makes sure he is unobserved before he slips away to the hidden nook where a plain pot full of earth awaits him. Who would have thought he would turn gardener late in life? An unsuccessful one—for the seed, too dearly bought, refuses to sprout.

But look! Overnight, new green has risen to meet the sunlight! And on his return, Anarion awaits him.


Fear grips him again immediately. ‘What is it?’

‘Isildur… He woke. He has spoken!’

Beyond hope, a bitter winter is over. After this reprieve, Amandil will not easily give up again.

Chapter End Notes:

Written for Akallabeth in August on SWG.

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