The Shepherd by sian22

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Injured and freezing in the Druadan, Mablung finds help from a unexpected source on the longest night of the year.  A fic for Mettare

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Every year since 1979, the warm, mahogany-rich voice of Alan Maitland is heard reading Frederick Forsyth's wonderful novella "The Shepherd" on the long-running radio series "As It Happens". Listening to it has been as much a part of our Canadian Christmas tradition as turkey and sledding on Christmas afternoon, and silly jokes in paper crackers. To my husband and son's eternal amusement, it is also a tradition for me to be reduced to a blubbering mess by the end of the broadcast. I cannot help it. It happens every time.

I have wanted to write something of Mablung for quite a while and somehow it came to me that the story could be recast: to Mettarë of course, and featuring a hurried Ranger, making his way home in time for the holiday. Of course, the original is the property of Frederick Forsyth and I gain no monetary benefit from this version, based lovingly on its events.

Here then, set in Gondor, T.A. 3011, is 'The Shepherd"


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