Laurelin by HobbitDayna

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Legolas must report the death of his cousin while on patrol to his father, a report he does not want to make. His heart grieves as he rides toward the King's Halls, but the Valar have a gift of peace waiting for him, if he will only look for it.

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1. Chapter 1 by HobbitDayna [Reviews - 0] (7003 words)

This story would never have been written if not for a post on Tumblr by vowel Legolas in reply to Orlameobloom. Thank you Orlameobloom for coming up with the idea, and vowel Legolas for posting it.

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Categories: The Lord of the Rings
Characters: As a Group: Northern Dúnedain, Elf: Legolas Thranduilion, Elf: Thranduil
Genres: Alternate Universe, Family
Places: Mirkwood/Eryn Lasgalen/Greenwood the Great
Times: 3-Third Age: late
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1    |    Word count: 7003    |    Read Count: 699
Completed: Yes    |    Updated: 12/30/14    |    Published: 12/30/14