Gwann nan iHűl – Revisited by Kaylee Arafinwiel

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 What if, during the Sixth Age of Arda, the Maiar had exposure to modern Mortal literature? More to the point, what if they had exposure to fanfiction? Vaguely connected to Dreamflower and Pande’s ‘The Prisoner and the Hobbit’ (which can be found here ), too, if only because I’m assuming “D.L. Sauron” isn’t the only Maia gifted with an iPad…

…Yes, I’m an insatiable fan of Fiondil’s and Dreamflower’s, so I stretched the theme a little to include me too. Oops? *rueful grin* The original "Gwann nan iHûl", by Fiondil, can be found here -

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1. Gwann nan iHűl – Revisited by Kaylee Arafinwiel [Reviews - 1] (572 words)

"Gwann nan iHûl" means "Gone with the Wind" in Sindarin. For this prompt, we were asked to write a character (not necessarily the prompted one, though they had to at least rate a mention) being a fan of someone or something. My headcanon of Melian is based on Fiondil’s from ‘Elf, Interrupted’…usually. This time, it’s still based on Fiondil’s…but…

Dedication: With love to my atto indonyo, my beloved foster-father of the heart Fiondil, who departed beyond the Circles of Arda on January 25/26 2015, and whose body was discovered January 28. I never got the chance to show him this story, but I hope he would have approved. Namarie, Atya.

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