A New Hope by Dreamflower, Dana

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Story Notes:

This story was concieved as an April Fool's day joke in 2007, and was a year in the planning and writing. The original idea was Dana's. It was posted at the LJ community lotr_fanfiction under the pseudonym of "astron01", and it took readers a good week to figure out our identities!

Hi everyone!!1 This is my first fanfiction ever and I really hope you like it!!

Summary: Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin meet a mysterious hobbit girl in the Old Forest, who rescues them from Old Man Willow. Who is she?

A New Hope

Chapter one: Lost in the Old Forest

Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took were riding in the Old Forest. This was not something hobbits usually did, but they were trying to get away from some strange Black Riders that had been chasing them out of the Shire.

It had all started with Frodo finding out he had the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron. Gandalf the Grey told him to take Sam and go out of the Shire with it. But he did not find out until they got to Crickhollow that his cousins Merry and Pippin were going to go with him. They had made a Conspiracy with Sam to stick with him. Their other freind Fatty was going to stay at Crickhollow and try and fool the Black Riders.

Now they were taking a shortcut through the very dangerous and mysterious Old Forest where the trees could move around and change the paths and drop branches on people. Merry thought that he knew the way but he didn't and they got lost. The trees kept moving so they had to go a different way.

Pretty soon they got really tired and sleepy. There was a place by the Withywindle river where there was a seemingly nice and shady willowtree, so they decided to sit down for a while. They got off their ponies.

"Wow, Mer," said Pippin, "I'm so sleeeepy." Pippin sat down next to the tree.

"Me too Pip", added Merry as he leaned against the tree too.

Frodo sat down on one of the tree roots and put his feet in the water. He was sleepy too.
So was Sam, but he didn't sit down yet. He stood around yawning. Then he wondered where the ponies were. All of a sudden he heard a splash. He ran to Frodo who had fallen in the river.

Sam pulled him out. "Mr. Frodo!! Are you okay?!"

"I'm alright, Sam, but I think that tree root moved. I felt of it throwing me in the water!!"

"You shouldn't of sat there if you were sleepy Mr. Frodo."

"I guess", said Frodo. Then he said "Where are Merry and Pippin?"

They couldn't see them. They went around the tree.

Pippin was gone! Merry was half in and half out of the tree!

Frodo and Sam were scared. They tried to get them out and couldn't. They tried to start a fire but the tree squeezed Merry and they had to put it out.

Frodo was worried about his cousins. What could he do? All of a sudden, he started yelling for help. "HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!" He hollered as he ran alongside the river. He didn't know if anyone could hear him but he was desparate.

Suddenly, he heard a beautiful voice singing. The words were very silly, but the voice was like an angel.

"Hay dol, derry dol! Ring a dong dillo!
Ring a dong! Hop along! Fa La the willow!
My dad's jolly Tom! Tom Bombadil-o!"

Frodo and Sam were amazed by the beautiful singing, and almost forgot about poor
Merry and Pippin. Suddenly they saw an incredible sight.

A beautiful white pony was riding up the path--they had never seen a pony like it. It had a white horn on it's forehead, and riding it was the most beautiful hobbit lass they had ever seen. She had long curly black hair that came down to her knees, and curly black curls on her feet. Her skin was perfect, and her eyes were as blue as the sky. She wore a plain green dress with a silver belt on it.

All of a sudden Frodo remembered his poor cousins. "HELP!" he yelled. "My cousins are trapped in Old Man Willow!"

She stopped and stared at him, with a puzzled look on her face for a second. Then she said. "Oh are they? We will just see about that!!" She got down off her beautiful but strange pony and walked over to where they were. She shook her head with a disgusted look. "So you are up to your old tricks again Old Man Willow!" She picked up a stick and whacked the tree. "Take that, you stupid tree! You'd better let those hobbits go right now, or I will tell my daddy on you, and you will be sorry if he has to come after you!"
All of a sudden the tree cracked open and spit Merry and Pippin out. They flew through
the air like someone had kicked them.

She and Frodo and Sam ran over to them. Frodo and Sam helped Merry get up, and she helped Pippin. "Are you okay?" she asked Pippin.

"I suppose I am as okay as anyone who got swallowed up by a tree!" he said sarcastickly.

"Well just be that way! You could at least say thank you!"

"Thanks." Pippin said as he brushed off his jacket.

"Pip!" said Frodo. She saved your life!"

Pippin looked kind of embarassed. "Thanks", he said again. This time he sounded like he meant it.

Frodo looked at the girl with a puzzled expression. "Who are you?" He asked. "You look kinda familiar. But I don't think I've ever met you."

She shook her head. "I know. I never met you either, but you look kind of familiar too. Anyway my name is Firiel Bombadil. I live in the Old Forest with my parents Tom and Goldberry Bombadil."

Frodo said. "I am Frodo Baggins at your service. These are my cousins Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took. And my gardner Sam Gamgee."

"Why don't you come to my house and rest up?" she aked.

Sam said. "Our ponies are missing, Miss Firiel."

"Oh, no problem." She put two fingers in her mouth and gave a loud whistle. All of a sudden their ponies came galloping back. They all got up on their ponies.

"Miss Firiel" said Sam. "I ain't never seen no pony that looked like that before."

"She is not a pony, she is a unicorn. Her name is Elengil!"


As they rode along, Frodo said in a soft voice to Merry and Pippin, "She is very beautiful, isn't she?"

"She sure is," said Merry. "She really is, even though I think she looks kind of familiar too."

Pippin shrugged his shoulders. "I suppose she is nice-looking, if you like that kind of thing," he said crankily.

Merry and Frodo looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Pippin had been mad at all lasses ever since his girlfriend Diamond had broken up with him and broke his heart. Now he didn't want anything to do with girls.

Frodo sighed. "I think she is very beautiful. It seems like we have a connection. I feel like I almost know her. But that is impossible."

Merry nodded, but he did not say anything else. He reminded himself that he was secretly engaged to his girlfriend Estella Bolger who was Fatty's sister. He really loved her. But Firiel was very good-looking. He couldn't help thinking that.

He looked at Sam, and Sam winked. Sam had a girlfriend too, named Rosie Cotton.
They loved their girlfriends but they could still enjoy the view.

Pretty soon they came to a path that led up to a stone house. Frodo thought it looked like something out of one of his Uncle Bilbo Bagginses' tales. It had windows with lots of little panes, and the roof was made of yellow straw.

"Mom! Daddy!" Firiel hollered as they rode up.

Just then out of the door came two people. One was a funny looking man who had a brown beard and blue clothes and yellow boots. He had a blue feather stuck in his hat. The lady was tall and blonde. She had a green dress like Firiel's and also a silver belt. She was also very beautiful.

Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin stopped and looked shocked.

"But-but-but-they are not hobbits!" said Frodo.

"No," Firiel answered him. "They found me unconscious by the river one day when I was just a little girl and adopted me."
(Author's Note: I would like to thank my friend Ruby Boffin for helping me to think up this story, and for coming up with the names for Firiel and her unicorn.  It was all her idea, really.)
Chapter two: Firiel's Story

Goldberry smiled at them. Tom Bombadil looked at Firiel. "My darling daughter! Did you find them in the water?" He looked at Frodo who was still dripping wet where Old Man Willow had dunked him in the river.

"No Daddy, only one fell in the water. Two of them were trapped in Old Man Willow. You will have to have a talk with him about that. He's not supposed to do that anymore."
Tom Bombadil shook his head. "I thought I had that problem fixed. But now he's up to his old tricks."

Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin stared at Tom Bombadil like he was crazy.

Firiel giggled and rolled her eyes. "My daddy always talks in rhymes", she said to them.
"You'll get used to it." She turned to her parents. "Mom and Daddy, this is Frodo Baggins, Sam Gamgee, Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took. They were lost."

The hobbits all bowed to Tom and Goldberry and said at your service.

He grinned at them. "I am very glad to meet you. Come inside and we will feed you."

Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin were glad to hear about food. They followed the Bombadils into the house. Firiel showed them to a guest room where they could wash up, and then they went to have supper with the family.

There was a lot of food there that hobbits liked, so they were glad to eat. Tom Bombadil kept talking in rhyme, but they were starting to get used to it like Firiel had said. Goldberry was a very good cook. They really liked all the mushroom dishes, and there was apple pie for dessert.

While they ate Firiel explained how she came to live with the Bombadils.

"I was just a kid," she said. "They found me alongside the river half-drowned. I had knocked my head on something, because I had a big lump on my head and was unconscious. When I came to, I couldn't remember my name or anything else about myself. I was really sick for a long time, and when I got better they decided to just keep me. Since I couldn't remember my name, they named me Firiel."

Frodo stared at her. With her long dark hair and big blue eyes, she was the most beautiful hobbit lass he had ever seen. He couldn't get over how lovely she was. But somehow he kept thinking she was familiar to him.

"That's very strange" Frodo said. "When I was twelve I was out in a boat with my parents when the boat turned over and they drowned. But I managed to hold on to the boat for a long time. Then I passed out. When all my relatives found me on the side of the river, I couldn't remember anything either. The doctor said I had amnesia.  I couldn't remember what happened or anything about my family."

Merry said, "Yes, I was only a baby but I remember hearing my Mom and Dad talking about it. Everyone said it was because his family being dead was so painful his mind did not want to remember anything." Merry screwed his face up. There was some other things he had heard the grown-ups talking about, but he was so little then it didn't make sense, so he just shrugged. He couldn't recall what else they had said.

Firiel was staring at Pippin who had not said a word. He was busy eating. When he realized she was looking at him he said crossly "Sounds like you and Frodo have a lot in common." and turned his shoulder away.

"Humph." said Firiel. She turned around back to Frodo.

"Anyway, I have lived here in the Old Forest ever since."

Sam swallowed a bite of his apple pie. "Excuse me Miss Firiel, but where did you get that, what did you call it, unicorn pony?"

She smiled at Sam, who nearly choked of embarrassment. He took a sip of his drink. His face was red. He told himself to remember his girlfriend Rosie Cotton.

Firiel said "One day I was out in the Old Forest looking for some nuts and berries and mushrooms. I got sleepy and sat down to take a nap. When I woke up, Elengil was laying there with her head in my lap. She followed me home and I have had her ever since."

After supper Firiel helped her mother wash the dishes and Tom Bombadil and Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin went into the living room to talk for a little while. For some reason Frodo told Tom Bombadil about the One Ring and even let him look at it. Tom Bombadil tried it on, but it didn't work on him so when Frodo got it back he tried it on to be sure. Sam, Merry and Pippin could not see him, so it must of turned him invisible, but Tom Bombadil could still see him any way.

Then the hobbits went to the guest room and went to sleep.
(Authors Note: I'd like to thank my friend Lothlorien for helping me with Tom Bombadil's rhyming talk. It was really hard.)
Chapter three--A Tangled up Mess
 It was really rainy for the next few days, so Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin couldn't leave.  They stayed there with the Bombadils until the weather stopped raining.  Mostly they sat around and listened to Tom Bombadil tell stories.  He'd been around for a long time, so he knew a lot of things, and the four hobbits thought that it was very interesting to hear of all of his adventures.
But Firiel thought it was kind of boring. She'd heard all of her dad's stories a million times.  But she loved her dad, so she didn't want to hurt his feelings.  She sat around and pretended to listen while she thought about their company.  They didn't usually have company in the Old Forest, and so Firiel was very fascinated by the travelers.
She could not help but notice that Frodo, Sam and Merry all seemed to like her a lot.  But Merry and Sam didn't try to get her attention or anything.  She figured out from something that Merry and Sam had said was that they had girlfriends back in the Shire.  She liked that even though Merry and Sam obviously kind of liked her, they stayed faithful to their girlfirends and didn't try to do anything about it.
Frodo obviously didn't have a girlfriend at home, but he kept staring at her.  She knew he liked her, but the way he stared, he looked kind of confused.  She was confused too.  He was awfully good-looking, and he was very sweet and nice.  And he was brave, too, leaving the Shire on such a dangerous Quest.  She liked him a lot, but she wasn't sure just HOW she liked him--she kept thinking that she really OUGHT to know him from somewhere.  But as far as she could remember, she had never laid eyes on him before.  She crinkled up her forehead and tried to think, but nothing came to her.
And Pippin confused her too.  He hardly spoke to her, and when he did he was as rude as he could get away with--if he was too rude then Frodo and Merry would jump on him for it.  But she couldn't help thinking he was very cute.  He had green eyes and his accent was adorable.  She wondered why he didn't like her.  Everyone else seemed to like her.  But he didn't have to act like THAT!  She didn't do anything to him.
So she decided to see what she could find out.  One afternoon, she cornered Merry.
"Merry," she said determinedly, "why doesn't Pippin like me?"
Merry rolled his eyes.  "He probably does like you, but he swore off girls.  He said he wouldn't have anything to do with lasses after his girlfriend Diamond dumped him," he said sighingly.
"Oh." Firiel said sadly.  "Why did she dump him then?  Did they have a fight?"
"Uh-huh.  See, they'd been going out for a long time.  But when Sam and me and Pippin decided to sneak off with Frodo, well, Pippin started to spend a lot of time with us, and we were spending a lot of time spying on Frodo.  He didn't have much time for her any more.  And she thought he was keeping secrets from her and she got mad, and told him if he wouldn't tell her what was going on then she would break up with him."
"Well, that was kind of selfish of her!" Firiel said angrily.
Merry nodded. "I thought so.  But she's kind of young and insecure.  I guess she thought that was the way to get him back.  But Pippin wouldn't break a promise to go with us, and he wouldn't tell her the secret, so that was that."
"Poor Pippin!  No wonder he's so angry at me.  I guess he thinks all girls are like that!"  She went away thoughtfully, and Merry stared at her.
"Uh-oh," thought Merry. "I think she may like Pippin.  But I know Frodo likes her.  It's a good thing we aren't going to hang around here much longer--it could really be a mess if we did."
Firiel went off to her room to think.  She had a mystery to solve.  Who was Frodo Baggins, and why did she seem to know who he was?  And she really wanted to spend more time with Pippin Took.  Plus, what they were doing was dangerous--they could use all the help they could get.  Maybe she would just find a way to go with them when they went.
But she would have to be careful.  She was sure her parent's would not approve.
Chapter four: The Barrow Wights
The next day the rain was all gone, and the day was all pretty and sunny so Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin got ready to leave.  Tom Bombadil and Goldberry came out to say good-bye.
"Where is Firiel?" asked Frodo disappointedly.
"Oh," said Goldberry, "since the weather is good finally she took Elengil for a ride this morning."
Frodo sighed.  "I thought she might be here to say good-bye."
The hobbits all got up on their ponies and got ready to leave.  Tom Bombadil reminded them of the dangers, and gave them a rhyme to say if they got in trouble and needed his help.  Then they went on their way.  Frodo kept looking back hoping that Firiel would come along, but she didn't.
"Isn't that just like a girl?" said Pippin crossly.
"I really did think she'd at least say good-bye." Frodo said.
But Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin did not know that Firiel was watching them.  She was on her unicorn, Elengil, hiding behind a tree as she watched them ride off.  When they had gone a little ways and she didn't think that they'd see her she started to follow them.  She made sure not to get too close.  She would wait until they were at the road to Bree before she told them she was coming with them.  Then they couldn't tell her no.
 She watched them as they rode along.  The weather was pretty, and the sunshine was warm.  After a while it was time for lunch.  She watched as Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin rode into a seemingly nice little clearing, and had a picnic.  When they all settled down for a little nap, she got off of Elengil, and ate some of the bread and food she had brought with her, and sat down behind a tree to rest a little herself.  Pretty soon she got sleepy and fell asleep too.
It was chilly when she woke up suddenly.  There was fog everywhere.  She couldn't see the spot where Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin had been, but it seemed they weren't there anymore.
Elengil nudged her with her horn, and Firiel jumped up on her.  "Can you find them, girl?" She asked.
Elengil made a whinny and tossed her head and then trotted off toward where the other hobbits had gone.
 Firiel was worried.  What if Frodo, Pippin, Sam and Merry had gotten lost in all of that fog.  Suddenly an awful thought came to her!  What if they got around to where the Barrow Wights were?  They could be in terrible danger!  But even if she could not see them, she knew her unicorn could find their ponies easily.
She rode through the fog and wished that she could find them soon.  If they got caught by the Barrow Wights then it would probably need her dad to save them.  Those Barrow Wights were scary, even to her.  But she would still do her best to help them.  Some how she knew that she had some strange connection to those hobbits--especially Frodo.  And Pippin...
 It seemed she had been riding in the fog a long time when she heard hoof beats.  Elengil tossed her head. The unicorn hurried in the direction of the hoof beats.  But when they suddenly found them Firiel was shocked.  It was only the ponies.  Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin were not on them!
There was only one answer.  The Barrow Wights must of gotten them!
Frodo had woke up in the Barrow.  He could hear the Barrow Wight singing a scary song and he saw that it was going to kill Merry and Sam and Pippin.  He was tempted to put on the One Ring and get away, but he couldn't do it.  He just couldn't leave them to be killed!  He grabbed up a sword, and whacked the Barrow Wight.  But he couldn't wake up Merry and the others!  How could he get them out of the Barrow?  What if the Barrow Wight came back?
Suddenly he remembered the Tom Bombadil song.  He started singing it.
Firiel and Elengil had found the ponies, but not Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin.  She rounded the ponies up, and they followed Elengil automaticly, the way ponies would with a unicorn.  She kept on riding in the fog, and suddenly, she heard a voice singing for her father.  It was Frodo's voice!  He would only be singing that if he was in real trouble.  
Suddenly they came out of the fog, and there was the Barrow.  She could hear Frodo singing.  She quickly ordered Elengil to turn around, and with a couple of quick kicks the unicorn kicked in the door to the Barrow.  Frodo came out, looking surprised to see her, but he said "Help me get the others out!"
Frodo woke up Sam and Merry, and Firiel woke up Pippin.  They were helping them out when suddenly Firiel heard her father's voice singing as he was coming.  Oh no, she thought.  He's going to be really mad at me for following them.

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