Celebrimbor looks in Kheled-zaram by Himring

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Story Notes:

Written for Huinare's "We're Sorry, Celebrimbor" month


Tree and Flower Awards, Dwarves, First Place

Banner made by Ysilme. Photo credit: Ysilme.

'Look', said Narvi urgently. 'Do you see?'

Celebrimbor stooped further down over the still surface of the water and gazed intently.

He saw the mountain peaks appear--the gleaming white of Celebdil, the Silvertine, mirrored perfectly in deep blue--and in the space beyond, a crown of seven stars. Small and distant as they seemed, their brightness pierced his heart, almost as if a Silmaril had swum suddenly into his sight across the wide reaches of Ilmen.

He straightened, then bowed low before Narvi.

'I thank you, Narvi, for showing me this--but I doubt I can reproduce even a pale shadow of such beauty--even in ithildin...'

'You can't', said Narvi. 'But the lake will always be here--and now you know, at least, what the Crown of Durin truly looks like.'

Chapter End Notes:

I've written about Narvi and Celebrimbor before, "The House of a Friend".

I think I may have read a version of this scene by someone else somewhere, but can't think who it might be.

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