The Hidden Vale by Linaewen

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Story Notes:

Written for the Arrivals and Departures Fixed Length Fic challenge, with the prompt of 315 words.

Boromir had traveled many days, following the river northwards.  Surely he must now be drawing nigh the region where Elrond dwelt in Imladris!  At last his hope was confirmed when he came upon a road that followed the river for a time, before plunging into dark pine woods.  It was good to be back on a road again.  Night was falling, but Boromir determined to press on, even if it meant walking through the night.  He felt certain his destination was close.
After some miles, Boromir emerged suddenly from a shadowy ravine into the sunlight; a long flat incline was before him, leading down to a ford. The water was wide and flowed calmly over the stones of the ford, but there was evidence on both sides of the bank of a recent heavy flood. He wondered at that, for he had seen no sign downstream of floodwaters swelling the banks of the river.
He stopped at the edge of the water, strangely reluctant to go forward. Was it really safe for men to pass this way? If the river was under the control of Elrond, would it rise up against him, a mere mortal? Then he chided himself for a fool; surely it was safe!  It was rumored in Gondor that the line of the Princes of Dol Amroth claimed Elvish blood; he shared that bloodline, through his mother. Whether such a heritage would make any difference to these Elves of Rivendell, Boromir did not know.  But it was enough that he could claim his heritage as a proud son of Gondor and a faithful servant of the White City and her Lord. He was an honorable man and an ally against the Enemy, sent here by a dream on a special errand.  He could go forward in confidence.

Boromir stepped forward into the water, and thus passed into the hidden vale of Imladris.

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