Morwen and Gilraen by Zdenka

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Story Notes:

Written for a meme which involved writing a half-drabble for selected fandoms based on a random line of poetry. The two for The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings fit together oddly well, so I decided to post them together. (The two sections are exactly 50 words each by MS Word's count, though MPTT seems to count things differently.)

My prompts were: "And if to miss, were merry," (from "If recollecting were forgetting" by Emily Dickinson) and "Begot in thee, and by the memory" (from "Elegy XVI: On His Mistress" by John Donne).

It was the time of the midwinter feast. There was scant merriment in Dor-lómin, but Morwen stalked about the house with grim purpose, setting garlands of greenery in place as if fortifying a keep against the Enemy. She sat in silent vigil through the night, Nienor asleep in her arms.

Gilraen remembers when she came from her father’s house crowned with flowers, how Arathorn’s stern face lit at the sight of her. Now she has the child he left her, and a scant four years’ worth of memories. Their long watch must not falter; but the price seems too high.

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