The Master of Mirecourt by The Wavesinger

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A young luthier is apprenticed to the one they call the Master.

(Written for Independence1776 for Fandom Stocking)

Story Notes:

I was going through stacks of old Reader's Digests recently, and was fascinated by an article I stumbled upon about the luthiers of Mirecourt, and I was fascinated by the idea of Maglor in this setting. Mirecourt is in France, and it is the traditional home of the French school of luthiere (otherwise known as making string instruments. Luthiers are the ones who make the instruments).

The use of 'Mae' amuses me, not only because of the reference to Maedhros, but also because it means 'bitter' in Hebrew, and is taken from the goddess Maia in French. Elinda is Maglor's wife's name in my headcanon--finding the French name Élinda, which matched, was a coincidence which made me squeal with joy (Wave likes accidental jokes very much). Le Seigneur des anneaux is The Lord of the Rings in French. École Nationale de Lutherie is the French national school of luthiere. All those letters are various qualifications in luthiere.

Please do point out any mistakes I've made--I know next to nothing about this subject, and while the research I did was fascinating, I'm 100% sure I missed a lot of things. And I hope you enjoy this!

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