March of the Maiar by Varok Stormbourne

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Story Notes:

I took a little from here and there to create a chapter 1 of a small story. Enjoy!

Author's Chapter Notes:

The beginning.

The Maiar were many, but only five were selected for this task; Curumo, Olorin, Aiwendil, Alatar & Pallando. Called by the greatest of the Valar; Manwe, the five would soon be given the task of travelling to Middle Earth and vanquish a foe that was once friend… Morgoth. Our group finds themselves in the Chamber of Quenya, awaiting the arrival of Manwe. First enters the room Curumo, oldest and wisest of The Maiar. Then came Olorin and Awendil, long friends before the order was even fathomed. Finally arrived Alatar and Pallando, brothers in blue. As they gathered around the round Chamber of Quenya, Manwe descended from the upper gap of the chamber, and addressed the five.


Manwe: “Greetings old friends. As you all know, my late brother Melkor has betrayed our Father Illuvatar, and has invaded his creation; Middle-Earth, under the name of Morgoth. He has defiled parts of the land and corrupted the race of the Gelki. He has also created other beings of unimaginable horror. He must be stopped. The Valar have chosen the five of you for this task. Any inquiries?


Aiwendil; very curiously: “Why have the Valar chosen us?”


Manwe: “Curious as always Aiwendil, but it is always best to find answers to questions early and avoid unnecessary circumstances. The Valar have chosen the five of you, because the Valar themselves cannot be involved in this conflict. The power of the Valar cannot descend to Middle Earth, or else a greater chaos may arise. That is all you must know”.


Olorin: “Then let us make haste. We do not know how further Morgoth has corrupted the lands of Middle Earth”.


Curumo: “Patience my old friend. Hastily heading into battle could bring dire consequences”.

As per usual, Alatar and Pallando remain silent; they are quite reserved.

Manwe: “Once you are all ready, journey to Middle Earth through the Gates of Arda. May Illuvatar guide you”.

Their journey was long and filled with many struggles. The biggest struggle of all was finding Morgoth himself. Although Middle-Earth was in chaos, the evil behind it all worked from the shadows. Eventually, they had a lead to him. They would then venture to the mountains that eons later would be known as The Mountains of Moria; although the age of dwarfs have yet not come to pass. Upon reaching the foot of the mountain, Pallando; one of the blue wizards, uttered words, something that did not often occur.

Pallando: “What is this evil? Do you feel it brother?”

Alatar responds: “Indeed, it feels as it’s coming from under the very mountain.

Aiwendil: “The creatures of this land have scattered far. They flee from this place”.

Olorin: “Then it is clear. Our enemy lies ahead”.

Curumo: “Well if we are to proceed, the must find entry… Or perhaps we could create one” -stares towards Pallando-.

Pallando: “I couldn’t agree more, time is against us, and this is the quickest way”.

Pallando stands at the front of the group, as the other four stand back. Each of the maiar possessed a unique power. Pallando had the ability to manipulate the earth; stagnant and unmovable. He then began to chant an incantation.

Pallando: “Naal suleyk do Kaan, naal suleyk do Shor, ahrk naal suleyk do Atmorasewuth!”

Right as Pallando completed the incantations the mountain side began to decay, fall and carve into a door, conveniently sized for a human.

Pallando: “A door, we now have”.

The group enters the mountain side, venturing forth. After some time had past, the group reaches a cavern with a bottomless pit.

Eiwendil: “Quite a ways down, wouldn’t you all agree?”

Olorin: “Indeed it is. The path may be difficult to overcome, but atleast we know the way.”

Curumo: “Difficult for some. You’re lucky to have me here.”

Now Curumo takes lead in the group and begins to cast a spell.

Curumo: “Ven gar nos, lok vah koor, fim zii gron!”

            Simultaneously, the group is pushed into the abyss; with no warning at all. They begin to descend the into the darkness.

Olorin: “Curumo, please do give us warning the next time you attempt such an act!”

Curumo: “My apologies old friend, I thought you would be a little more perceptive of my intentions. How about you give us some light?”

Olorin: -staring with subtle anger at Curumo, Olorin utters a few words. Suddenly his staff begins to emit a very radiant light. With the cavern now lit, they would see the walls of the mountain, however they could not see the end of the abyss.

            After quite some time, the group arrives at the bottom of the abyss, or so they believed. The group stood upon a balcony of stone, before a colossal body of water, the size of an enormous lake. The group began to search the surroundings of the caverns for clues of the darkness that was felt from up above, but their wasn’t even the faintest of hints, as though it was just their imagination. Suddenly, a tremor is felt, a ripple is created within the water. The group heads towards the edge of the plateau to gain sight of the lake. Out of the water, a shadowy figure, with a very obscure voice addresses the group.


Morgoth: “I see my brother has sent his pets after me. Pity that such talented folk must perish at the ends of Middle-Earth.

Curumo: “You have become a servant of evil, Morgoth. We have come to put you down”.

Morgoth: “You will try, and perish, you will..”

            As Morgoth begins to cast a spell, the once serene body of water became an pool of foul smelling tar.

Morgoth: “Nuk zol, kor goshaa darsi, necro tiso nargoyuul! Enjoy your little reunion!

            From the pit of tar, a portal of fire opens and out came a horrible creature, horned and as if it was drenched in fire. As the maiar prepare to engage against this foe, they come to realize that it was Rosarg, once comrade and maiar.

Rosarg: “Fate works in misterious ways old friends”.

Olorin: “I did not believe it but my fears were true. You joined the dark lord.”

Rosarg: “Indeed Olorin, and now it is time for our final reunion, prepare to die!”

            To be continued...

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