Trust Not Blindly by Zdenka

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Idril has a troubling encounter with her cousin Maeglin on the morning of her betrothal to Tuor. (One-sided Maeglin/Idril, Idril/Tuor.)

Story Notes:

Written for Back to Middle-earth Month 2013; edited and posted for B2MeM 2016. The prompts were for B, Day 4: "Down the swift dark stream you go / Back to lands you once did know..." (The Hobbit, "Barrels Out of Bond") and I, Day 12: "For it seemed to her a thing strange and crooked in him, as indeed the Eldar ever since have deemed it: an evil fruit of the Kinslaying, whereby the shadow of the curse of Mandos fell upon the last hope of the Noldor." (The Silmarillion, "Of Maeglin")

I once saw a picture of Tuor wearing his swan-wing helmet, and it got me to thinking about similarities between him and the Swan Knight Lohengrin from Wagner’s opera. This fic is partly inspired by a scene in Lohengrin where the sorceress Ortrud tries to make Elsa doubt Lohengrin on the eve of her wedding to him. The title is taken from a line in that scene.

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1. Chapter 1 by Zdenka [Reviews - 1] (996 words)

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Categories: The Silmarillion
Characters: Elf: Idril, Elf: Maeglin
Genres: Gapfiller, Romance-het
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