At Last Relief by Linaewen

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Story Notes:

Written for the November 2016 challenge "Gratitude" with the element obligated. 150 words as counted by Jarte

Elrond had received him kindly and bade him sit while Boromir related the reason for his long journey.  His extreme weariness no doubt showed upon his face, but Boromir had felt obligated to stand while he spoke of the dream and his quest to seek out hidden Rivendell and the Elven lord Elrond.

As he was shown the room that Elrond had ordered prepared for him, Boromir saw a hearty meal laid out on a small table, next to a soft bed piled high with blankets and pillows.  But it was the large pan of steaming hot water set next to a chair that brought a long, grateful sigh to Boromir's lips.  Elrond had known, in spite of Boromir's determination to stand before him without flinching, that the traveler wanted nothing more than to get his boots off as quickly as possible and bathe his aching feet.  At last, relief!

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