Bowhood Memories by elwen of the hidden valley

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Story Notes:

I don't own anything.  This is a fanfic based upon the works of JRR Tolkien.

Being raised among elves, as a child I had few toys. I was not forbidden them, but with no other children in the valley I did not see them being played with and so never thought to ask for them. I remember that I did have a brightly coloured ball when I was very small and some beautiful carved animals. But they meant little to me and I would rather listen to Adar telling stories.

Later most of my toys were used to train for my future roll including my first archery bow. It had once belonged to Elladan and Adar offered to have another made especially for me, but I loved that bow. The peeling blue painted pattern was testament to the fact that Elladan and Elrohir used to 'borrow' each other's bows as elflings. To prevent arguments their father arranged for Elladan's to be decorated in blue and Elrohir's in yellow. I never asked what had happened to Elrohir's bow.

Once I grew too big to use the bow and was gifted with my own I buried Elladan's in a cupboard and never considered it again. It was years later, when returning to Rivendell with a party of hobbits, that I saw it next. I was searching for Adar to consult him on something when I entered his private study.

There was my little bow, hanging on the wall behind his desk. It had obviously been well cared for in my absence. I do not know whether it hangs there still but I would like to think that perhaps it accompanied him to the West, in memory of the little boy he loved and raised as his own.


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