The Straight Road by Silver Trails

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The Straight Road
April, 2015

This is an amateur effort and does not intend to infringe on the rights of J.R.R. Tolkien. No profit is made and no harm is intended.

This is an AU arc, where all the events of Tolkien legendarium have already happened, but where the Elves can now choose to return to Middle-earth. The Valar allow it because Eru has commanded it. All Manw knows is that something has changed in the Song.

The Valar sat in silence in their thrones at the Mahanaxar, waiting for Manw to speak. He had summoned them to tell them about the change in the Song. Every Valar had felt it, like a ripple in the fabric of life that mended itself before Arda could break apart.

Even a few Elves had sensed it, but most of them had simply wondered why the sky was suddenly so bright. The three kings had asked for an audience with Manw, aware of a change they could not understand. He would see them once he had spoken to his peers.

Manw looked at Varda, who already knew what he was going to say, and then began to speak. He told them of the change in the Song and of Eru’s command: open the straight road, for we need the Elves to be in Endor for what is to come. There is darkness ahead, my son, but there is also light. Open the road for whoever would travel back, and light will prevail. Open the Halls too, for those who would return, but only if they have repented of the wrongs done.

There were few Elves in the Halls, and Fanro was one of them, along with Finw who had given his place to Mriel. She had chosen to stay with Varda, so the former king of the Noldor was staying in the Halls only because Fanro was still there. Time would say if he would ever come back. The Song had changed, and Valar and Elves had to adapt.

The other Valar accepted Eru’s command, but they asked questions that Manw could not answer. Namo assured them that only those Elves ready for it would leave the Halls. Once the discussion ended, Manw returned to his Halls on top of Taniquetil and sent Eonw to summon the three Kings. The fate of Elves had changed, but as before Manw knew nothing about the fate of Men.

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