The Thrill of the Hunt by Traveller

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The hunter moved stealthily through the darkness that enveloped her. She stretched her claws into the soft ground, the kneading motion strengthening the clandestine intensity of the hunt. The predator moved closer to her unsuspecting prey, already imagining shredding it in her claws and between her teeth, her mouth full of its taste, sweet and soft yet fresh and pleasing to her keen senses. She crept slowly, maybe only a yard away now, tucking her back legs under her, gaining enough power for the attack spring. Suddenly, she exploded from the darkness, eyes flashing with the thrill of the hunt. She came down, claws unsheathed, and sunk them deep within the flesh of her kill.

“I’m glad you like your new toy, Mellon,” said Pippin with a chuckle as he observed his favorite feline friend.

The silver tabby ignored him. She was far too engaged with thoroughly destroying her new stuffed mouse-on-a-string.


Chapter End Notes:

I wrote this during a free-write period in my Creative Writing class last year as a tribute to my own feline friend, Kiara. I was playing with her and her friend Tom a while ago when I remembered it. It only took a little tweaking to make it apply to my favorite Hobbit and his beloved kitty!  And yes, the genre is a joke... :)

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