And the Stars Dimmed by Anguirel

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Story Notes:

For the January Potluck at the lotr_community on Livejournal.

It is said of the earliest of Men: "Yet it is told that ere long they met Dark Elves in many places, and were befriended by them and Men became the companions and disciples in their childhood of these ancient folk, wanderers of the Elven-race who never set out upon the paths to Valinor..." Tell of such a meeting or such a relationship.

Many thanks to my beta phantasmagoryx.




His order was to leave them alone.
They are unaware of our presence, let it stay that way!
He could not help himself though when he saw the little one wander from her mother’s side into the wilds. He followed her through the treetops as she traveled into the forest depth, humming a tune in a language that he could not understand. It was not until he heard her sobs that no command could keep him from gathering the child in his arms. Holding the girl then and seeing the wonder in her eyes, he saw no stars but sunlight.

Chapter End Notes:

100 words on my processor. 101 on some website. 98 here. Go figure.


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