Little Brothers by Larner

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For Dwim for her birthday.  With thanks to RiverOtter for the beta.

Little Brothers

            The older Ent examined Bregolad closely.  “You spend a great deal of time in the presence of the hole-dwellers-who-are-ever-hungry,” Fladrif noted.

            Quickbeam smiled broadly.  “Yes, so I will readily admit.  They are hasty even for my tastes; but they are young and filled with the Creator’s Light.  I find they warm my heart and give me hope.  It would appear that they are akin to us in spirit, for I feel our Mistress’s gifts filling them.  They appreciate our griefs and delight in our joys.  When they examine a seed, it is with the knowledge of the plant it might give rise to; and when they caress a sapling I can feel their joy in it, as well as its contentment in their attention.”

            Both turned to watch as the two Hobbits shrugged out of their clothing and splashed into the shallow pool formed by the stream that bordered the bowl where the Moot was gathered.  The older Ent was shocked.  “They shed their rinds?” he asked.

            Again Bregolad smiled as he watched them fondly.  “Yes, for it is adornment for them, apparently.  But see how they rejoice to offer themselves for cleansing and nourishment?  I have not forgotten how it was I felt when I was yet an entling and did likewise.”  He returned his attention to his elder.  “I have decided to adopt them as brethren,” he confided.

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