The Plum Tree by Golden

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Author: Golden
Title: The Plum Tree
Rating: G
Theme: Myth
Elements: Plum
Given Words:
Author's Notes:
Summary: There's something mysterious about an old tree on the farm Pippin is staying at in the North Farthing.
Word Count:233

October Challenge: Myth and Plum

The Plum Tree
by Golden
Beta by Pearl Took :)


"Hold still! Stop your struggling! You know you cannot win!" A dangerous smile was playing around his lips as his eyes locked with the dark eyes of the other who now hung motionless in his grasp.

With a gasp Pippin woke up. His hair was wet with cold sweat and his blankets tangled up by his restless sleep. He shivered. What had he dreamed? He could not remember. But the feeling that was left in his heart was one of pure terror.

Pippin stood up and looked outside the window. There was not much too see, only the blackness of the sleeping world under the everlasting rule of a pale moon in a starless sky.

Suddenly Pippin turned away from the window. He could not bear for one moment longer to look outside there. He could not really explain why. It was as if something out was staring back at him.
He trembled. "I feel so cold!" he murmered and stared at his bed. There he would get warm again. He made a step to the bed and stopped. It was as if something held him back. He could not lie down at this place again! "Oh I wish I was home...or in Buckland with Merry or at Bag End with Frodo.... anywhere, but here!" Tears were creeping out his eyes as he huddled in a chair, wishing the morning would come soon.

To Be Continued . . .

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