Feature Frogs by Lindelea

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Homesick Halflings teach their Big Folk friends a pub-game from the Shire.

Table of Contents

1. Frogs by Lindelea [Reviews - 2] (1541 words)

2. Poetic Justice by Lindelea [Reviews - 2] (828 words)

Story Information

Categories: The Lord of the Rings
Characters: Dwarf: Gimli son of Glóin, Elf: Legolas Thranduilion, Gondorian: Beregond, Gondorian: Faramir son of Denethor, Hobbit: Baggins: Frodo, Hobbit: Brandybuck: Merry (Master), Hobbit: Gamgee: Samwise, Hobbit: Took: Pippin (Thain), Northern Dúnedain: Aragorn/Strider
Genres: Comedy, Friendship, Humor
Places: Gondor: Minas Tirith/Minas Anor
Times: 3-Third Age: Post-War of the Ring
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2    |    Word count: 2369    |    Read Count: 3255
Completed: Yes    |    Updated: 06/28/10    |    Published: 06/28/10