Perhaps Not the Best Mealtime Conversation by Larner

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Written for the Tolkien Weekly "Daymeal" prompt.  For Rhapsody on her birthday.  Thanks so to RiverOtter for the beta!

Perhaps Not the Best Mealtime Conversation

            Imrahil watched with dismay as the Steward closely questioned his younger son on the activities of his Rangers.  “And how long did you spend within the safety of Henneth Annun?” demanded Denethor.

            “We slept there most nights, but other than that we were almost always out on patrol, Father,” Faramir explained.

            “Yet two troops from Khand and one from Rhûn managed to enter into Mordor through the Black Gates unhindered!”

            “And two from Harad were destroyed, plus three patrols of Uruks that had been harassing our garrison within Osgiliath.”

            Faramir will be too tense to eat his daymeal with this!


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