Do Not Wake Me by Shireling

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Do not wake me.

I would rather stay

Where darkness and shadow shroud.

Spare me your pity.

Do not make me stay.

I hear you,

Your plea tears at me;

Pulling me, loving me.

Love I no longer merit,

It will not suffice.

It cannot fill this void.

Despair conquers; hope destroyed.

Let me go!

Your grief scalds:

Acid tears,

Torturing with their kindness.

Free your sorrow.

Scour your heart.

Blame is not your burden:

I hold enough for all

Pledge fulfilled, failure unrelenting,

Lured by the fire of possession.

This tattered shell, empty

Where once my soul held light.

Let me go onward!

Starlight calls; oblivion beckons.

Lovingly remembered faces;

Love unjudged, unjudging.

Do not wake me, I have moved on.

Let me go.


Do not call me back.

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