Atto's Favorite by Rhyselle

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The recently reborn sons of Dior make something for their foster father’s dinner. Written for the "Some Like it Hot" Challenge.

Story Notes:

This ficlet is set in a variation of Fiondil's ficverse, shortly after Glorfindel's return to Aman in the Fourth Age. Thanks for Fiondil for letting me play there.

Elured and Elurin are the twin sons of Dior (and brothers to Elwing) who were abandoned in the forest to starve to death after the sacking of Doriath. According to HOME 4, Elwing's half-elven father also was granted the choice to choose Elven or Mortal destiny, and I interpreted this as reason enough for the twins to also be able to choose to be Elves instead of Men.

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1. Atto's Favorite by Rhyselle [Reviews - 0] (287 words)

Title: Atto’s Favourite
Rating: general
Theme: Some like it hot
Element: 275 (participants picked a number between 100 and 500, and had to use that many words in their challenge entries)

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