A Silmaril in the Morning by Rhyselle

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A Silmarillion in the Morning
By Rhyselle,
October 5, 2009.

Before the dawn, my eyes look up above the lights of men
And find the lovely, brilliant stars of Varda's make again.
Menelmacar greets me first, as I begin my day,
and prepare to leave my home for duty far away.
Then I gaze east above the trees seeking the Hope that Eru sent.
Lo, there hangs Eärendil in the fair firmament;
And, look! there close at hand on the edge of fading night
Aule's Forge hides not from me and glitters in my sight.
They keep me company as I travel eastward on and on
While in the west, full Tilion watches with me for the dawn.
Yet Arien gifts me with the view of my morning companions still
Just lightly the horizon painting red and orange until,
When at last to my work I come, I'm blessed with one last sight
Of the morning jewels the Valar set above to illumine and bless the night.

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