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My love of Tolkien began in childhood, but only recently have I discovered the world of fanfiction and the opportunities it gives to those of us who are creative and love the world the Professor made. Top Commenter

The stories I write tend to be angst, but I've had a bit of fun with fluff, romance and comedy, too. While canon is important to me, I do like to play with it and have got a fanon of my own.

I am active on other websites, including and LiveJournal, and have created two websites of my own to indulge my love of quality anfiction and to celebrate those writers whose talent and skill deserves to be recognised.

On the Archives of Excellence, great stories from a variety of fandoms is listed and linked, though I will host stuff from time to time.  Every month, there is a writing challenge open to all writers. I run it through, but if I find people with no account there wanting to take part, I can set up the poll somewhere else.

The Golden Quill Awards is an The Golden Quill Awardsannual event to celebrate great writers from different fandoms. I'm hoping to generate interest in this so that the competition will grow in the coming years. Awards are offered by genre rather than fandom to give everyone a chance to win.

Given my personal bias, it's not surprising that LOTR/Silmarillion fanfiction dominates those sites - for now - so I've joined this one to slake my thirst for quality Tolkien fanfiction.

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Survivors by WendWriter

Rated PG13
[Reviews - 3]
Table of Contents

Amid the ruins of Doriath, the Elf-lord Oropher takes command.


Categories: The Silmarillion
Characters: As a Group: Sindar
Genres: Angst
Places: Beleriand
Times: 1-First Age: middle
Warnings: 8. character death
Series: None
Chapters: 2    |    Word count: 3233    |    Read Count: 393
Completed: Yes    |    Updated: 11/18/09    |    Published: 11/18/09
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Stolen by WendWriter

Rated R
[Reviews - 0]
Table of Contents

The Kinslayers have kidnapped Elrond and Elros. With the Silmaril out of their reach, what will they do with the children?


Categories: The Silmarillion
Characters: As a Group: Sons of Fëanor, Elf: Gil-galad, Half-Elven: Elwing, Half-Elven: Elrond, Half-Elven: Eärendil the Mariner, Númenórean: Elros
Genres: Tragedy
Places: Other place in Arda
Times: 1-First Age: late
Warnings: 3. violence
Series: Elrond's Realm
Chapters: 5    |    Word count: 14465    |    Read Count: 1537
Completed: Yes    |    Updated: 11/18/09    |    Published: 11/18/09
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